Troika Skydining

Perched on top of the Troika building, the Troika skydining is composed of 2 restaurants, Cantaloupe a fine dining restaurant with a stunning view of the Petronas Tower and Strato offering traditional Italian cuisine. It is complemented with a Wine bar and great cocktails in the bar area.
Strato on the upper floor offers delicate Italian Cooking. Chef Azwan is particularly meticulous in choosing its ingredients and his primary concern is freshness. The kitchen area is partly open and you can hear the garlic being chopped and see the pasta drying along the walls. At Strato all pasta are handmade following traditional recipes and can be colored with natural ingredients such as spinach, squid ink or beetroot. Chef Azwan recommends you to try the Squid Ink linguini with prawns, artichoke cream and fried artichoke as well as the Fresh lobster linguini in a rich lobster tomato sauce.


Strato 1Strato kitchenStrato corridorstrato second sectionFrom strato to the bar


Whether it is for a romantic dinner with your loved one or a business lunch with your partners and colleagues, Cantaloupe Fine Dining restaurant will satisfy your palate with delicate dishes. The view from the restaurant is impressive with its high windows and unobstructed view of the KLCC Park and the Petronas Towers. Chef Amin, executive chef of Troika Skydining explains: “ For me the most important thing is the quality of the ingredients, when you get the right ingredient in quality and freshness, you can never go wrong with a dish. […] That’s it, simple is always the best.” Reviews for Cantaloupe praise their Foie Gras Satay, and chef Amin explained that for this dish they carefully developed their own peanut butter sauce to match the flavors of this slightly smoked foie gras. But his recommendation on the menu would be to try the Lobster, which is simply cooked with butter and flambéed with Chartreuse wine then delicately arranged on a bed of spinach, simple and scrumptious.

Chef Chris is the main orchestra conductor for those two excellent restaurants, and his primary concerns are consistency of freshness and quality, as well as creativity. Both restaurants’ menu varies according to the creations of the team. He hopes to emulate passion in his team as for him “Cooking is not a job, it is a passion”. One thing is for sure, Passion tastes great!

To know more about the opening hours and the events at Troika Skydining, you can visit their website:

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