Swich Cafe

You might have come across amazing reviews of Swich café, whether on Time Out or through popular blogs. Nothing beats experiencing it yourself! Cozy in its corner of Publika Mall, it offers an island of sweet delights for all shoppers.


Little did people know about the story behind the cakes, and how much love the owner has poured into every single recipes that she has created herself. Ms Lim qualified herself as a cake lover, and as many among us, she would start looking at the dessert menu first in a restaurant before deciding whether or not to get a starter: “only starter is optional” she explained. Ms Lim was a successful lawyer for 20 years, and decided one day to follow her love and passion for cakes into making it her own business. She started experimenting in her kitchen, a method that she is still doing right now, to create signature cakes and tasteful combinations.


At Swich Café, you will find a selection of classic recipes, such as red velvet or chocolate moist cakes. However be adventurous, try all the unusual combinations, they will surprise you and make you discover new horizons! Ms Lim likes to try on new taste; she will listen to her customers, look online about what people are craving and then goes into a tornado of creativity in her kitchen! Some amazing and unique signature cakes have been born, such as the Cempadak Tutti Fruity, the Mangosteen cake or the Valrhona Chocolate and Durian cake! She confessed to us that some of her biggest challenge for those cakes was with the lightest fruits, such as mangosteen. How to get a strong flavor from such a subtle fruit? She wouldn’t tell too much, just that for 1 cake, she needs 10kg of mangosteen!


No matter the ingredients, she always takes the freshest fruits, and the highest quality ingredients. She would even go and handpick the fruits and ingredients at the market herself. She is using the best local fruits and fresh products, which is why some of her creations are seasonal and can only be enjoyed for a limited time. Ms Lim said that she has been too often disappointed with desserts she has had, and now that she owns her own pastry shop, she explained: “it often doesn’t take much more to get a great cake, you have to pick the best ingredients”, like organic muscovado sugar, which adds a caramel and nutty taste, Valrhona Chocolate or the French Lescure cream.

While only a good selection of cakes can be enjoyed at her outlet in Publika mall, she has on her website more than 100 recipes available. You can order them for any special occasions, birthdays, wedding or parties. She even told us that people from Singapore or Penang would go all the way to Publika to bring back home some of her Cempadak cake! (among others)


To check out Swich Café latest sweet creations, you can visit their website: www.swichcafe.net or on their facebook: www.facebook.com/Swichfinefood


Swich Café is located in Publika Mall, Level G3, Block B3, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.



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