Dave's Deli

Dave’s Deli is one of Malaysia’s first homegrown western food restaurants, and we all know about the humble beginnings of this establishment by now. For those who have just joined the F&B industry, the story started with a small stall at Bangsar Shopping  Center Foodcourt 25 years ago serving delicious roast chicken and other western fares like gourmet sandwiches, pies and pastas. Till today, it is still a family owned business having taken over by the two sons of the founders and the business continues to thrive and expand under  Darren Chin and Brian Chin.

Dave’s deli is the foundation of the business and currently consists of three restaurants strategically located at 1 Utama, Subang Parade and in Penang Queensbay Mall.  This will be further expanded by one more outlet located in Atria Shopping Centre scheduled to open by October 2014. All these present establishments provide over-the-counter service in line with their self-service concept, thereby keeping costs low yet serving value-for-money fare.


At the higher end with table service and full-fledged bar set in amiable surroundings, there is Dave’s Bistro Bar & Grill located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre headed by Darren Chin.  After graduating from a local hospitality school, Darren put his skills to use in the family business for several years. In 2011 he enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu Paris and graduated with distinction two years later.

During his study in France, he was exposed to sound basic techniques of French cooking and he completed his apprenticeship in several French restaurants. He then capped all of his experiences by winning the Delifrance World’s Best Sandwich competition in 2012.

Upon his return to Malaysia and the family business, Darren has redefined his culinary objectives: he sees a need to ‘educate’ and share with his patrons the axiom that the simplest recipe can taste fabulous with good quality ingredients and sound cooking techniques. He particularly cares for the origin of the ingredients and the integrity of his supplier as it is another indicator of  freshness and quality. 

As Darren explains “you can’t innovate if you don’t know your basics”. And innovation is necessary if patrons are to be given a unique dining experience without having to step beyond the shores of Malaysia. He is planning to open a new restaurant this year bearing his name, Darren Chin, with an eye to getting it listed in the top 50 best restaurants in Asia. He hopes this will help foster more passion in the Malaysian culinary world and serve as an inspiration for young up-and-coming professional chefs. With such aspirations and a fearlessness to succeed, the outcome looks promising and certainly achievable. Here’s to success and good food “Bon Appetit”.

To know more about Dave’s Deli visit their website www.davesdeli.com.my.

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